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This car's history.........

Leaving the Chrysler Motors Los Angles production line on the 27th of November 1946 and was shipped to the John Schleifer Dealership in Huntington Park, Los Angles, California on the 3rd December. Unfortunately, her history between 1946 and the late 1980’s is unknown, but it is believed that she spent much of her life in California. By 1988 she was located in Overland park, Kansas, where she underwent a full body and frame off restoration over a two year period. From Kansas, she was then sold to a new owner in Stewartsville, New Jersey, in the mid 1990's where she underwent further restoration work, bringing the car up to her current standard. Claudette was acquired by Deluxe in October 2011 and imported into the UK, arriving on our shores on the 10th November 2011. Extremely rare in the UK, this Plymouth Convertible  is one of less than 300 believed to have survived worldwide, from a total production run of just over 15,000.


1946 Plymouth Convertible